Camillo Branca

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Leek plants (Allium porrum L.), infected or not with the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus, Glomus mosseae, were grown in a sand-hydroponic system, fed with a nutrient solution containing 3.2 or 96 μM P and analyzed for root IAA and ZR content, to assess the role played by the fungus and P nutrition on host hormonal balance. IAA was analyzed by(More)
Tomato cotyledon explants, cultured in vitro in the presence of sucrose, were subjected to different hormonal treatments to establish whether the induction of different organogenic programmes could be correlated with differences in starch accumulation and protein electrophoretic pattern. The cytohistological changes in explants over the first 15 days of(More)
The activation of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) p50/RelA is a key event in ischemic neuronal injury, as well as in brain ischemic tolerance. We tested whether epigenetic mechanisms affecting the acetylation state of RelA might discriminate between neuroprotective and neurotoxic activation of NF-κB during ischemia. NF-κB activation and RelA acetylation were(More)
We have synthesized 14 N-phenylurea derivatives, differing in theheterocyclic portion linked in N′-position, and tested theircytokinin-like activity. Three different bioassays were used: the chlorophylllevel determination test, the bioassay for the expression of hormone-inducedchimeric Pg5-GUS gene and the tomato regeneration test, in(More)
The cytokinin activity of 8 previously unstudied diphenylurea (DPU)derivatives, differing in either type or position of the substituents of thephenyl rings, was investigated. Cytokinin activity was assessed using thebetacyanin (so-called amaranthin) accumulation test and the tomato regenerationtest. We also assayed their capacity to enhance adventitious(More)
The present research investigates the biological profile of eight symmetrical diheteroarylureas and phenylheteroarylureas, testing their hypothetical cytokinin-like activity and rooting activity. Cytokinin-like activity was assayed by the betacyanin (so-called amaranthin) accumulation test and by the tomato regeneration test. The rooting activity was(More)
Leaf explants of hairy root tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) regenerants characteristically differentiate roots from the wound margins on hormonefree medium. The same response can be elicited on normal tobacco by culturing the explants in the presence of auxin. We show here that the spontaneous rooting of transformed plants is neither due to the activity of(More)
In order to understand better the relationship between auxin structure and activity on morphogenesis and cell elongation, six different auxins were tested on the regeneration of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller var. Alice) from cotyledons and on pea (Pisum sativum L. var. Alaska) stem elongation. The auxins were: indole-3-acetic acid (IAA),(More)
The use of transient gene expression assays for the study of natural or engineered plant promoters is affected by a considerable degree of inter-experiment variability. As a means of obtaining interpretable data from a limited number of experiments, we worked out conditions for the simultaneous determi nation of the activity of two reporter genes, a(More)
The effects of two synthetic auxins, BOA and BIA, on plant regeneration in vitro have been studied on explants of tomato cotyledons. The activity of these substances on cell elongation has also been tested on pea stem segments. It has been found that BOA is particularly effective in inducing the formation of shoots but has a weak activity on cell(More)