Camille Shaw

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The physiological significance of glutathione in the mammalian central nervous system is still uncertain, although some evidence indicates that it may be an important regulatory peptide. In the present study, the distribution and characteristics of glutathione binding sites in the brain have been studied. Biotinyl-glutathione was synthesized as a probe to(More)
Glutathione (GSH) binding sites found in brain white matter in a previous study using biotinylated GSH (Third IBRO World Congress Neurosci. Abstr., 1991, P59.17) suggested that there might GSH receptors on glial cells. In the present study, radioligand receptor assays were performed on cultured astrocytes using [35S]GSH. Scatchard analyses of saturation(More)
Vimentin is a newly recognized target for corneal fibrosis. Using primary rabbit corneal fibroblasts and myofibroblasts we show that myofibroblasts, unlike fibroblasts, display impaired cell spreading and cell polarization, which is associated with increased levels of soluble serine-38 phosphorylated vimentin (pSer38Vim). This pSer38Vim isoform is(More)
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