Camille Rauch

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The hypothalamus plays a crucial role in the control of the energy balance and also retains neurogenic potential into adulthood. Recent studies have reported the severe alteration of the cell turn-over in the hypothalamus of obese animals and it has been proposed that a neurogenic deficiency in the hypothalamus could be involved in the development of(More)
The functional study of SRIH receptors was performed in ectopic GHRH-secreting tumors from two patients with acromegaly; patient 1 presented with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 with GHRH- and insulin-secreting pancreatic tumors, and patient 2 presented with a multihormone-secreting carcinoid tumor (including GHRH and alpha-subunit secretion, as(More)
Somatuline, in common with other SRIH analogues, exerts antiproliferative and antisecretory activities on various tumors. Our purpose was to test the effectiveness of a slow-release formulation of somatuline on lactotroph hyperplasia and PRL hypersecretion induced by estrogens (17 beta E2) in rats. Female rats were primed with 17 beta E2 for 6 weeks before(More)
Arguments favor an in situ synthesis of GH-releasing hormone (GHRH) in the normal and tumoral human anterior pituitary. These tissues may express human (h) GHRH messenger RNA, contain hGHRH-(1-44)-NH2, and secrete in vitro an immunoreactive form (ir-form) of the peptide. Here, we characterize and localize the precursor of hGHRH in human anterior pituitary(More)
TRH gene expression in the anterior pituitary has previously been reported in the human in vivo and in the rat in vitro. Until now, modulation of this synthesis with glucocorticoids and thyroid hormones has been observed in rats. The present study demonstrates for the first time that the TRH gene is also expressed, in vivo, in the rat anterior pituitary and(More)
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