Camille Ríos

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The first study aimed at determining the structural characteristics needed to prepare antibacterial 2-alkynoic fatty acids (2-AFAs) was accomplished by synthesizing several 2-AFAs and other analogs in 18-76% overall yields. Among all the compounds tested, the 2-hexadecynoic acid (2-HDA) displayed the best overall antibacterial activity against Gram-positive(More)
The first synthesis of C5-curcumin-fatty acid (C5-Curc-FA) conjugates was successfully performed. Through a two-step synthetic route, 10 analogs were synthesized for a structure-activity relationship (SAR) study. It was found that C5-Curc-FA conjugates containing either decanoic acid or palmitic acid moieties were cytotoxic against colorectal adenocarcinoma(More)
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