Camille N. Z. Coudrat

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Species misidentification often occurs when dealing with co-existing and morphologically similar species such as macaques, making the study of their ecology challenging. To overcome this issue, we use reliable occurrence data from camera-trap images and transect survey data to model their respective ecological niche and potential distribution locally in(More)
Studying the structure and patterns of vocalizations in primates is important to understand their evolution, responses to changing environments, and social behavior, and to design efficient vocalization-based survey techniques. Gibbons (Hylobatidae) are small arboreal apes known for their stereotyped songs. Data on their vocalization patterns remain(More)
The endangered red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus), endemic to Lao PDR, Vietnam, and perhaps Cambodia, remains little known. The Lao population is highly threatened. To improve conservation prospects of the species there, we here update a status review from 1999. Subsequent literature (mostly not readily available to the outside scientific community) was(More)
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