Camille Li

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[1] An atmospheric circulation model is used to show that a reduction in sea ice extent in the North Atlantic produces a climatic response consistent with abrupt changes in temperature and snow accumulation recorded in Greenland during the Dansgaard-Oeschger (DO) events of the last glacial period. The model simulations exhibit warming that is especially(More)
We investigate sea level pressure variability in the extratropical North Atlantic in the preindustrial climate (1750 A.D.) and at the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM, 21 kyr before present) using four climate models. In general, the models exhibit a significant reduction in interannual variance of sea level pressure during the LGM compared to 5 pre-industrial(More)
It is widely believed that the Sahara desert is no more than ∼2-3 million years (Myr) old, with geological evidence showing a remarkable aridification of north Africa at the onset of the Quaternary ice ages. Before that time, north African aridity was mainly controlled by the African summer monsoon (ASM), which oscillated with Earth's orbital precession(More)
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