Camille Frangville

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Mixing double-hydrophilic block copolymers containing a poly(acrylic acid) block with gadolinium ions in water leads to the spontaneous formation of polymeric nanoparticles. With an average diameter near 20 nm, the nanoparticles are exceptionally stable, even after dilution and over a large range of pH and ionic strength. High magnetic relaxivities were(More)
Hyperbranched polymers based on the poly(amidoamine), HyPAM, were used to synthesize gadolinium phosphate nanowires under mild conditions. Control of the average particle size was obtained by adjusting polymer concentration. Proton relaxivity measurements reveal an optimum particle size, reaching relaxivity values as high as 55 ± 9 mM(-1) s(-1) for r1 and(More)
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