Camille Ehret

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Irones are violet-scented ketonic compounds contained in the rhizome of certain species of iris. As cultivation of the iris tends to decrease, a selection program has been initiated to find the best performing clones in terms of growth and yield. Parallel to this selection, in vitro regeneration studies have been carried out in order to multiply interesting(More)
The mechanisms underlying the cell response to mechanical forces are crucial for muscle development and functionality. We aim to determine whether mutations of the LMNA gene (which encodes lamin A/C) causing congenital muscular dystrophy impair the ability of muscle precursors to sense tissue stiffness and to respond to mechanical challenge. We found that(More)
Synopsis Oakmoss absolute, an extract of the lichen Evernia prunastri, is known to cause allergenic skin reactions due to the presence of certain aromatic aldehydes such as atranorin, chloratranorin, ethyl hematommate and ethyl chlorohematommate. In this paper it is shown that treatment of Oakmoss absolute with amino acids such as lysine and/or leucine,(More)
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