Camille Dejos

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Canthinones are natural substances with a wide range of biological activities, including antipyretic, antiparasitic, and antimicrobial. Antiproliferative and/or cytotoxic effects of canthinones on cancer cells have also been described, although their mechanism of action remains ill defined. To gain better insight into this mechanism, the antiproliferative(More)
Screening for suppressors of canthin-6-one toxicity in yeast identified Yap1, a transcription factor involved in cell response to a broad range of injuries. Although canthin-6-one did not promote a significant oxidative stress, overexpression of YAP1 gene clearly increased resistance to this drug. We demonstrated that Yap1-mediated resistance involves the(More)
This study reports that the spontaneous 50-fold activation of rhodopsin gene transcription, observed in cultured retinal precursors from 13-day chicken embryo, relies on a Ca(2+)-dependent mechanism. Activation of a transiently transfected rhodopsin promoter (luciferase reporter) in these cells was inhibited (60%) by cotransfection of a dominant-negative(More)
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