Camille Bulte

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Introduction: Standardised heart rate variability (HRV) analysis is used as a diagnostic and prognostic tool for cardiovascular as well as perioperative risk stratification. The lack of reference values for young and middle-aged subjects however limits implementation of HRV analysis in the clinical setting. With this study we aimed to define reference(More)
By convention, autonomic function tests are undertaken under standard test conditions that limit their implementation during routine pre-operative assessment. We therefore evaluated the comparability of autonomic function tests under both non-standardised and standardised test conditions in 20 healthy male subjects. Autonomic function was assessed using an(More)
The most life-threatening aspect of breast cancer is the occurrence of metastatic disease. The tumor draining lymph nodes typically are the first sites of metastasis in breast cancer. Collagen I fibers and the extracellular matrix have been implicated in breast cancer to form avenues for metastasis. In this study, we have investigated extracellular matrix(More)
Autonomic function tests require standardised test conditions. We compared testing under non-standardised and standardised conditions and investigated the agreement between heart and pulse rate variability in 30 subjects with diabetes mellitus. Deep breathing, Valsalva manoeuvre and quick standing tests showed non-standardised reproducibility intraclass(More)
Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy is frequently observed in patients with diabetes mellitus. As anaesthesia has a marked effect on peri-operative autonomic function, the interplay between diabetic neuropathy and anaesthesia may result in unexpected haemodynamic instability during surgery. The objective of this literature review was to examine the(More)