Camilla Silversjo Holmqvist

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Josephson currents are carried by sharp Andreev states within the superconducting energy gap. We theoretically study the electronic transport of a magnetically tunable nanoscale junction consisting of a quantum dot connected to two superconducting leads and coupled to the spin of a molecular magnet. The exchange interaction between the molecular magnet and(More)
Understanding tunneling from an atomically sharp tip to a metallic surface requires us to account for interactions on a nanoscopic scale. Inelastic tunneling of electrons generates emission of photons, whose energies intuitively should be limited by the applied bias voltage. However, experiments [G. Schull et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 057401 (2009)(More)
We investigate the charge and spin transport of a voltage-biased superconducting point contact coupled to a nanomagnet. The magnetization of the nanomagnet is assumed to precess with the Larmor frequency ω L when exposed to ferromagnetic resonance conditions. The Larmor precession locally breaks the spin-rotation symmetry of the quasiparticle scattering and(More)
The supercurrent through a quantum point contact coupled to a nanomagnet strongly depends on the dynamics of the nanomagnet's spin. We employ a fully microscopic model to calculate the transport properties of a junction coupled to a spin whose dynamics is modeled as Larmor precession brought about by an external magnetic field and find that the dynamics(More)
The conventional Josephson effect may be modified by introducing spin-active scattering in the interface-layer of the junction. Here, we discuss a Josephson junction consisting of two s-wave superconducting leads coupled over a classical spin that precesses with the Larmor frequency due to an external magnetic field. This magnetically active interface(More)
In this thesis, we focus on different aspects of electron transport in nanos-tructured graphene (such as graphene nanoribbons). We develop and implement numerical methods to study quantum coherent electron transport on an atomistic level, complemented by analytical calculations based on the Dirac approximation valid close to the points K and K in the(More)
The effect of different treatment programs in audiological rehabilitation was evaluated. The speech intensity at which subjects with high frequency hearing loss correctly perceived 50% of the key words in sentences was measured in quiet and in noise, with and without a hearing aid and with and without simultaneous speech reading. No statistically(More)
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