Camilla Salzman

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Optimal early development in most species is dependent upon a stable relationship between the mother and her infant. The research described here focuses on the reciprocal nature of this dyad in rodents and humans, with respect to the regulation of responsiveness to stress in both mother and offspring. Dietary influences are critical not only to regulate(More)
In older as well as younger people, antipsychotic medication is commonly used to treat psychoses. In clinical practice, antipsychotic medication is also used to control severe behavioral disturbances such as agitation, wandering, self-mutilation, as well as assaultiveness. Neuroleptic and non-neuroleptic drug treatments are used to control severe agitation(More)
Much progress has been made in understanding the nature, causes and treatment of late-life depressive disorders. Early diagnosis and treatment of depression in the elderly remains challenging to the clinician, but ultimately provides opportunities to reduce suffering and increase quality of life, to prevent suicide, to restore optimal levels of function and(More)
This paper presents the usage of psychotropic drugs by all general inpatients of a Boston teaching and referral hospital on a randomly chosen weekday. Of all surveyed inpatients, 42.8% were receiving at least one psychotropic medication. Sleep medications were the most frequently prescribed class of psychotropic drugs and flurazepam was the most commonly(More)
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