Camilla Medeiros Macedo da Rocha

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BACKGROUND Excessive use of cesarean sections (CSs) is a serious problem worldwide. OBJECTIVE To estimate the frequency and identify factors associated with cesarean deliveries in Brazil. DESIGN Cross-sectional study conducted in 2006-2007 as part of the third edition of the Children's and Women's National Demographic and Health Survey. SETTING(More)
Observational studies suggest association between low concentrations of omega-3 family fatty acids and greater risk for post-partum depression (PPD). The objective was to investigate the effect of unbalanced dietary intake of omega-6/omega-3 ratio >9:1 in the prevalence for PPD. The study comprises a prospective cohort with four waves of follow-up during(More)
Report of an early case of Shy-Drager syndrome in a 67 year-old woman patient. Autonomic failure was diagnosed by functional evaluation as well as laboratory tests. MR imaging disclosed a prominent putamina hypodensity in T2-weighted images at high field strength due to iron increased depositing in this basal ganglia. MR imaging evidences confirm Shy-Drager(More)
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