Camilla Hilliges

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The intellectual performance of 22 children aged 3–16 years with maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) was assessed and compared to a group of early treated phenylketonuria (PKU) children and normal subjects matched by age, sex, nationality, and socio-economic status. All subjects were tested by one examiner only using the age related versions of the non-verbal(More)
Das Münchhausen-by-proxy-Syndrom ist eine subtile Form der Kindesmißhandlung. Die Diagnose ist äußerst schwierig. Das liegt zum einen an den oberflächlich betrachtet fürsorglichen Eltern und andererseits an den biologisch-technisch ausgerichteten Medizinern, die entscheidend, aber unwissentlich lange Mitmißhandler sind. Letztere verteilen sich auf viele,(More)
Women with contralateral breast cancer (CBC) have significantly worse prognosis compared to women with unilateral cancer. A possible explanation of the poor prognosis of patients with CBC is that in a subset of patients, the second cancer is not a new primary tumor but a metastasis of the first cancer that has potentially obtained aggressive characteristics(More)
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