Camilla Figueiredo Chianca

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The aim of this study is to determine the fetus Y-STR haplotype in maternal plasma during pregnancy and estimate, non-invasively, if the alleged father and fetus belong to the same male lineage. The study enrolled couples with singleton pregnancies and known paternity. All participants signed informed consent and the local ethics committee approved the(More)
The Federal District (Brazil) was created in 1960 in the Central-West Region of Brazil in a previously unpopulated area. In 2010, this artificially founded district was populated by 2,562,963 inhabitants. In this study, the genetic variations of the 15 Next Generation Multiplex (NGMTM) short tandem repeat loci were analyzed. The results indicate that the(More)
OBJETIVES The extracellular DNA occurring in plasma-EDTA and serum is a biomarker of growing interest, especially in prenatal diagnosis and oncology. The objectives of the present study were to compare the DNase activity in these specimens and to investigate its ex-vivo impact over the circulating cell-free DNA yield (ccfDNA), using the circulating(More)
In this study, the genetic variations of 23 short tandem repeats on the Y-chromosome were analyzed in a sample of 201 males from the Federal District (Brazil). The Federal District (Brazil) was built in 1960 in Brazil’s Central West region, where there was no previous population. In 2010, the population of this artificially founded district consisted of(More)
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