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1. In recent years, there has been a fast development of models that adjust for imperfect detection. These models have revolutionized the analysis of field data, and their use has repeatedly demonstrated the importance of sampling design and data quality. There are, however , several practical limitations associated with the use of detectability models(More)
Samples of the toxic Brazilian plant, Baccharis coridifolia, which is responsible for numerous cases of livestock poisoning in southern Brazil and Argentina, were collected during the growing season, and the toxicities in calves of the plant materials were correlated with the levels of macrocyclic trichothecenes present. Female plants in flower were(More)
The Brazilian higher plant Baccharis coridifolia has been shown to synthesize de novo a series of highly toxic macrocyclic trichothecene antibiotics heretofore found to be produced only by fungi. These compounds are produced only by female plants that have undergone pollination. Neither the male nor female plant is sensitive to the toxic effects of(More)
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