Camila Salum Oliveira

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The developing brain is very sensitive to damage by toxic agents, many of which only manifest in adulthood. Cadmium [Cd(II)] is an environmental pollutant which is widely used in industry and is a constituent of tobacco smoke. Exposure to Cd(II) has been linked to detrimental effects on mammalian cells including neural cells. We have investigated the action(More)
Lead (Pb(2+)) is widely recognized as a neurotoxicant whose mechanisms of action are not completely established. We have previously demonstrated that Pb(2+) can activate the p38(MAPK) pathway and increase the phosphorylation of Hsp27 in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells and human SH SY5Y cells over a short incubation period (1 h). In the present work we(More)
Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) are serine/threonine kinases that play an instrumental role in signal transduction from the cell surface to the nucleus. These enzymes are major intracellular mediators of developmental events and recently have been shown to control also synaptic plasticity processes [Sweatt, J.D., 2004. Mitogen-activated protein(More)
Both spontaneous and drug-induced animal behaviors can be modified by exposure to novel stimuli or different levels of environmental illumination. However, research into how these factors specifically impact ethanol (ETH)-induced behavioral effects is currently lacking. We aimed to investigate the effects of these two factors, considered separately or in(More)
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a widely expressed cytokine involved in a variety of cellular processes including cell cycle regulation and the control of proliferation. Overexpression of MIF has been reported in a number of cancer types and it has previously been shown that MIF is upregulated in melanocytic tumours with the highest(More)
– This systematic review aimed to identify the designs, procedures, and results of empirical studies that performed neuropsychological interventions on WM in adults. Methods: A PubMed and LILACS literature search was conducted using the keywords working memory AND (training OR rehabilitation OR intervention) AND adult. Results: Of the seven studies found,(More)
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