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A minority of cases of autism has been associated with several different organic conditions, including bioenergetic metabolism deficiency. In a population-based study, we screened associated medical conditions in a group of 120 children with autism (current age range 11y 5mo to 14y 4mo, mean age 12y 11mo [SD 9.6mo], male:female ratio 2.9:1). Children were(More)
Homovanilic acid (HVA) was determined in the lumbar CSF of 12 patients with Huntington's disease and 12 with Sydenham's chorea before and after probenecid administration. The means of HVA concentration (basal and after probenecid) were lower in those with Huntington's disease than in controls, and were even lower in a sub-group characterised by increased(More)
Communicative, cognitive and behavioral impairments associated with right hemisphere stroke: National and International Publications The present paper aims to outline an overview of national and international publications concerning research on the communicative, cognitive and behavioral impairments associated with a right hemisphere stroke. Research on(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the influence of suggestive signs of depression (SSD) in right-hemisphere brain-damaged (RHD) patients following a stroke on their cognitive performance measured by a brief neuropsychological assessment battery. METHODS Forty-two adults with RHD after a single episode of stroke and 84 matched controls participated in this(More)
We analysed the clinical features of 82 patients with dominantly inherited ataxia in a cohort survey. All patients fulfilled the diagnostic criteria for Machado-Joseph disease. The mean age of onset of symptoms was 39.8 (+/- 12.5) years and the duration of the disease was 9.2 (+/- 6.7) years. Ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, and fasciculation scores(More)
– This systematic review aimed to identify the designs, procedures, and results of empirical studies that performed neuropsychological interventions on WM in adults. Methods: A PubMed and LILACS literature search was conducted using the keywords working memory AND (training OR rehabilitation OR intervention) AND adult. Results: Of the seven studies found,(More)
Cognitive assessment with virtual reality (VR) may have superior ecological validity for older adults compared to traditional pencil-and-paper cognitive assessment. However, few studies have reported the development of VR tasks. The aim of this study was to present the development, feasibility, content validity, and preliminary evidence of construct(More)
We studied the activity of glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) in leukocytes from 23 patients with dominantly inherited ataxia. All the patients were assessed with a rating scale for ataxias and met the clinical criteria for the diagnosis of Machado-Joseph disease. The mean age of onset of symptoms was 37.8, SD 13.4 years and the duration of the disease was 7.4,(More)