Camila Prestes dos Santos Tavares

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In southern Brazil, mixotrophic dinoflagellates belonging to the Dinophysis acuminata complex have recently been involved in diarrheic shellfish poisoning episodes through the production of lipophilic toxins such as okadaic acid (OA) and dinophysistoxin-1 (DTX-1). The present investigation used a combination of laboratory cultures and field surveys at three(More)
Commercial exploration of swimming crab is rapidly increasing worldwide. In 2015, total production of crabs (fisheries plus aquaculture) reached almost 1300 thousand tons. One of the most valuable marketing forms is called “soft-shell crab”. The internet is one of the most important marketing channels for soft-shell crab, with prices starting at US$3.5 a(More)
Toxigenic Dinophysis spp. are obligate mixotrophic dinoflagellates that require a constant supply of prey-Mesodinium rubrum-to achieve long-term growth by means of kleptoplasty. Mesodinium rubrum is, however, a fast moving, jumping ciliate exhibiting an effective escape response from suspensivorous predators. In the present study, a series of laboratory(More)
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