Camila Parrot

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We compared the efficacy, duration, and side effects of preservative-free morphine injected into the caudal space in children, with caudal bupivacaine and with intravenous morphine administration for relief of postoperative pain. Forty-six children, ages 1-16 yr, were randomly assigned to receive intravenous morphine (control group), caudal bupivacaine(More)
In vitro studies have shown that plasma phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) converts isolated human high density lipoprotein-3 (HDL3) into larger HDL particles and generates lipid-poor apoA-I containing nascent HDL. To evaluate the role of PLTP in vivo we generated recombinant adenovirus vectors containing either human PLTP cDNA (rPLTP.AdV) or the reporter(More)
Continuous glucose monitoring is an efficient method for the management of diabetes and in limiting the complications induced by large fluctuations in glucose levels. For this, intravascular systems may assist in producing more reliable and accurate devices. However, neovascularization is a key factor to be addressed in improving their biocompatibility. In(More)
Human RNA polymerase III transcribes small untranslated RNAs that contribute to the regulation of essential cellular processes, including transcription, RNA processing and translation. Analysis of this transcription system by in vitro transcription techniques has largely contributed to the discovery of its transcription factors and to the understanding of(More)
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