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We performed a meta-analysis of the transcription profiles of type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes to evaluate similarities and dissimilarities among these diabetes types. cRNA samples obtained from peripheral blood lymphomononuclear cells (PBMC) of 56 diabetes mellitus patients (type 1 = 19; type 2 = 20; gestational = 17) were hybridized to the same(More)
BACKGROUND Development of noninvasive molecular assays to improve disease diagnosis and patient monitoring is a critical need. In renal transplantation, acute rejection (AR) increases the risk for chronic graft injury and failure. Noninvasive diagnostic assays to improve current late and nonspecific diagnosis of rejection are needed. We sought to develop a(More)
In efforts to minimize the chronic administration of immunosuppression (IS) drugs in transplantation and autoimmune disease, various cell-based tolerogenic therapies, including the use of regulatory or tolerogenic dendritic cells (tolDC) have been developed. These DC-based therapies aim to harness the inherent immunoregulatory potential of these(More)
Serial EBV load monitoring of clinically asymptomatic pediatric thoracic organ transplant patients has identified three groups of children who exhibit undetectable (<100 copies/ml), chronic low (100-16,000 copies/ml), or chronic high (>16,000 copies/ml) EBV loads in peripheral blood. Chronic high EBV load patients have a 45% rate of progression to(More)
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