Camila G Andrade

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Cell surface glycoconjugates play an important role in differentiation/dedifferentiation processes and lectins are employed to evaluate them by several methodologies. Fluorescent probes are considered a valuable tool because of their ability to provide a particular view, and are more detailed and sensitive in terms of cell structure and molecular content.(More)
BACKGROUND Bariatric surgery is an effective tool in treating severe obesity. It provides significant weight loss in morbidly obese people accompanied by improvement in comorbidities and quality of life. AIM To investigate the weight loss outcomes in the first month after bariatric surgery after introduction of solids three weeks postoperatively. (More)
O sono é reconhecido como um estado fisiológico que realiza uma função reparadora essencial e facilita a aprendizagem e a consolidação da memória (1). A apnéia obstrutiva do sono (AOS) é uma desordem comum, associada à hipertensão arterial, obesidade, aumento do risco para doenças vasculares, depressão e uma sonolência diurna excessiva. Além disso, a AOS(More)
Sural nerve biopsies of 5 children of patients with familial amyloid polyneuropathy were studied by electronmicroscopy. The subjects were 14-17 years old and were in normal health. Neurological examination was negative. In none of the sural nerve specimens were there any amyloid deposits. In Case 4 no fine structural changes were detected. In the remaining(More)
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