Camila Corvalán

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In 12 July 2012, the Chilean Senate approved the Law of Food Labeling and Advertising, resulting from the joint efforts of a group of health professionals, researchers and legislators who proposed a regulatory framework in support of healthy diets and active living. Its goal was to curb the ongoing epidemic increase of obesity and non-communicable diseases.(More)
BACKGROUND A better understanding of the link between eating behavior and maternal feeding practices with childhood and maternal weight status is of great interest. OBJECTIVE To assess the association between childhood anthropometric measures with mothers' Body Mass Index (BMI) and their feeding practices toward preschool children in Chile. METHODS 1029(More)
BACKGROUND In low-birth-weight girls, obesity increases the risk of premature adrenarche and metabolic complications. However, the consistency of this association in normal-birth-weight children and its potential mediators remain unknown. OBJECTIVES The objectives were to assess the associations between obesity indicators and dehydroepiandrosterone(More)
BACKGROUND Early puberty onset has been related to future chronic disease; however breast bud assessment in large scale population studies is difficult because it requires trained personnel. Thus our aim is to assess the validity of self and maternal breast bud detection, considering girl's body mass index (BMI) and maternal education. METHODS In 2010,(More)
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