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A lectin was isolated from the saline extract of Artocarpus incisa seed by affinity chromatography on cross-linked Adenanthera pavonina galactomannan in 0.15 M NaCl. The lectin was also retained in a D-gal-agarose resin and had no requirements for divalent metal cations (Ca2+ and Mn2+) for activity. The lectin contains 2.1% of carbohydrate and is(More)
Abstract The concept of immunosenescence reflects age-related changes in immune responses, both cellular and serological, affecting the process of generating specific responses to foreign and self-antigens. The decline of the immune system with age is reflected in the increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, poorer response to vaccination, increased(More)
The involution of the female genital tract seems to reflect a built-in biological life expectancy, inter-related with the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-ovarian axis. Lower levels of oestradiol have a number of adverse effects, including on the lower urinary tract. The major universal change is vaginal atrophy. The vaginal mucosa becomes thinner and dry, which(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this review was to summarize the literature regarding the impact of the menopause transition on body weight and body composition. METHODS We conducted a search of the literature using Medline (Ovid, 1946-present) and PubMed (1966-2012) for English-language studies that included the following search terms: 'menopause', 'midlife',(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that psycho-social factors may be crucial in the development of climacteric symptoms. MATERIAL AND METHODS In order to evaluate the effect of psycho-social and biological factors on menopausal symptoms, Greene (climacterical symptoms), Cooper (psychosomatic symptoms of stress), Smilkstein (family dysfunction), Duke-UNC(More)
A cross-sectional survey was conducted to determine the current situation in Spain regarding diagnosis and care of patients with osteoporosis in the primary care setting. A total of 2,500 primary care physicians who were homogeneously grouped in autonomous communities throughout the country received a postal 30-item anonymous self-administered(More)
Bisphosphonates are now in the vanguard of osteoporosis treatment. Frequently, gastro-oesophageal symptoms are associated with these drugs. The objective of this study was to compare side effects and bone turnover markers in postmenopausal women who had received alendronate daily or weekly in tablets with or without enteric coating. We conducted a(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of menopause and some sociodemographic variables on quality of life (QoL). MATERIALS AND METHODS Four hundred and eighty-one women aged 40-59 years attending the Southern Metropolitan Health Service in Santiago de Chile were studied using the Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire for Menopause from Toronto University. (More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether body mass index (BMI), abdominal obesity, and fat distribution in postmenopausal women influence quality of life. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING Outpatient clinics in the hospital setting and private practices. PATIENT(S) 274 postmenopausal Spanish women, distributed by body phenotype, fat distribution (android(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that hormonal changes and environmental alterations during the climacteric period are important in the development of psychological symptoms. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of biological and psycho-social factors in the prevalence of climacteric symptoms. DESIGN Open, cross-sectional, observational and descriptive study.(More)