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We describe the design and implementation of L2W-a problem solving environment (PSE) for landuse change analysis. L2W organizes and unifies the diverse collection of software typically associated with ecosystem models (hydrological, economic, and biological). It provides a web-based interface for potential watershed managers and other users to explore(More)
We present a model of the optimal timing of a large-scale habitat restoration project. The model is a dynamic benefit optimization that includes ecosystem costs caused by the presence of a large dam. We use a single stochastic variable to incorporate two sources of uncertainty: uncertainty about how ecosystem costs will evolve over time and the possibility(More)
Harvest control rulfe used in the EDRRA model (E n 0 = annual escapement prior to ocean and inriver harvest, F = harvest rate) Annual discounted value of the increase in net economic value under Alternative 2 relative to Alternative 1 (2012$) during 2012-61, calculated using alternative discount rates 0.000% (no discounting), 2.000%, 4.125%, 6. Sectional(More)
In this paper, we estimate the effect of changes in the irrigation water supply on farm employment. In particular, we describe the economic impacts of providing additional in-stream flow for threatened fish species in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. With water a crucial, but often scarce, resource in California's Central Valley its allocation(More)
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