Cameron Pollock

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Abnormal development can lead to deficits in adult brain function, a trajectory likely underlying adolescent-onset psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia. Developmental manipulations yielding adult deficits in rodents provide an opportunity to explore mechanisms involved in a delayed emergence of anomalies driven by developmental alterations. Here we(More)
The perinucleolar compartment (PNC) is a subnuclear body that forms in cancer cells. In vivo analyses using human tumor tissues demonstrate a close correlation between PNC prevalence and disease progress in colorectal carcinoma, and a high PNC prevalence is associated with poor patient outcome. These findings are consistent with previous observations in(More)
This paper presents a new class of brushless motor as an alternative to the permanent-magnet brushed motor used in the automotive industry. The new flux-switching motor is a very simple motor to manufacture, and, coupled with a powerelectronic controller requiring only two power semiconductor switches, it has the potential to be extremely low cost in high(More)
In this paper, a permanent magnet flux switching motor (PMFSM) is presented as an alternative to the more familiar brushless DC motor (BDC) used in low energy consumption axial fans. The PMFSM has permanent magnets as a part of the stator structure which also contains an armature winding. The rotor is a simple steel, salient pole structure. Simulated and(More)
This paper describes the results of a comparison between the acoustic noise produced by a two-phase switched reluctance drive and a flux switching motor and drive. For the comparison, two external rotor machines were constructed from identical mechanical parts, and the same lamination stacks. Test results show that there is over 2 dB less acoustic noise(More)
This paper proposes a control technique for an ac/dc converter and high-speed single-phase brushless ac generator topology with a reactive armature winding. An ac-to-dc pulsewidth-modulation (PWM) converter is used with phase angle control to deliver a controlled power factor for a wide speed range while maintaining a low kVA rating of the converter and the(More)
This paper presents a novel multi-pole permanent magnet synchronous machine for the traction applications in which both high torque capability at low speed and wide speed operating range are required. The origin of the proposed machine construction is from a hybrid stepper machine, but the uniqueness lies in the utilization of soft magnetic composites (SMC)(More)
This work presents an approach for GA-based computer aided autonomous electromagnetic design of switched reluctance servomotor drives. The proposed servomotor drive is designed for semiconductor device manufacturing equipment in a vacuum environment as an alternative to existing PM servomotor drives with rare-earth magnets. In the proposed design approach,(More)
This paper presents the design and control of high speed brushless generator topology suitable for independent power generation system. Phase angle pulse width modulation PWM control is used in delivering controlled power factor from the generator for a very wide speed and output power range while maintaining a low kVA rating of the converter. The generator(More)