Cameron George

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Many viruses express proteins which prevent the host cell death that their infection would otherwise provoke. Some insect viruses suppress host apoptosis through the expression of caspase inhibitors belonging to the P35 superfamily. Although a number of P35 relatives have been identified, Autographa californica (Ac) P35 and Spodoptera littoralis (Spli) P49(More)
PURPOSE The objective of this study was to compare the treatment outcomes and stability of patients with Class II malocclusion treated with either functional appliances or surgical mandibular advancement. MATERIAL The early-treatment group consisted of 30 patients (15 girls, 15 boys), with a mean age of 10 years 4 months (range, 7 years 5 months to 12(More)
cern to Blount and co-workers (1) were the significantly higher concentrations of the dibutyl phthalate metabolite in the urine of childbearing-age women (20–40 years) than in that of other segments of the population. The presence of phthalate esters in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) toys has generated the most controversy. Regulators in Greece have completely(More)
Many proteins--including not only structural proteins, but also enzymes, hormone receptors, and other transcription factors--accumulate to much higher nuclear than cytoplasmic concentrations. Nuclear localization sequences or signals (NLSs) within their primary structures entrain specific transport of these proteins through the nuclear pore complexes. This(More)
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