Cameron G. Knight

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We have determined the crystal structure of a complex between the I domain of integrin alpha2beta1 and a triple helical collagen peptide containing a critical GFOGER motif. Three loops on the upper surface of the I domain that coordinate a metal ion also engage the collagen, with a collagen glutamate completing the coordination sphere of the metal.(More)
Twelve-hour overnight pneumocardiograms were assessed for sleep architecture and sleep efficiency in two groups of healthy term newborn infants: a group exposed prenatally to cocaine alone or in combination with other drugs and a non-exposed group. Sleep was differentiated from wakefulness by an increase in heart rate, an increase in or variation in the(More)
Exercise during pregnancy may have long-lasting effects on offspring health. Musculoskeletal growth and development, metabolism, and later-life disease risk can all be impacted by the maternal environment during pregnancy. The skeleton influences glucose handling through the actions of the bone-derived hormone osteocalcin. The purpose of this study was to(More)
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