Cameron Davidson-Pilon

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Vincent Knight1, Owen Campbell2, Marc Harper2, Karol M. Langner3, James Campbell1, Thomas Campbell4, Alex Carney1, Martin Chorley1, Cameron Davidson-Pilon2, Kristian Glass2, Nikoleta Glynatsi1, Tomáš Ehrlich2, Martin Jones2, Georgios Koutsovoulos5, Holly Tibble2, Jochen Muller2, Geraint Palmer1, Piotr Petunov2, Paul Slavin6, Timothy Standen1, Luis(More)
The Axelrod library is an open source Python package that allows for reproducible game theoretic research into the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma. This area of research began in the 1980s but suffers from a lack of documentation and test code. The goal of the library is to provide such a resource, with facilities for the design of new strategies and(More)
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