Cameron Battersby

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A method is described for the attachment to and monolayer culture of adult rat hepatocytes on collagen-coated or fibronectin-coated microbeads or both in a chemically defined serum-free medium. Protein synthesis measured by the incorporation of [3H]leucine into protein was four-fold higher in the hepatocyte microcarrier cultures than in isolated hepatocyte(More)
Of a series of pigs surviving orthotopic liver allotransplantation with end-to-end anastomosis of the bile duct, 70% were noted to be jaundiced at the end of the first week after transplantation. Seven animals in a subsequent series were investigated biochemically, but operative cholangiography, and by liver biopsy seven days after transplantation, when the(More)
We describe the establishment and characterization of a novel hepatoma cell line. This cell line, designated RBHF-1, was established from a hepatocellular carcinoma of a 67-yr-old man with a history of genetic hemochromatosis. At this writing, the cells have been maintained in RPMI-1640 tissue-culture medium and fetal calf serum without any additional(More)
A case is described of the rupture of a choledochal cyst in a 21-year-old man involved in a motor vehicle accident. At laparotomy, a haemoperitoneum was traced to a large haematoma in the lesser omentum which extended into the mesocolon and was found to be tinged with bile. Eventually it became apparent that the primary pathological condition was a large(More)
Needle enzyme electrodes have been produced for measurement of glucose and lactate. They comprise glutaraldehyde-crosslinked oxidases immobilised over less than 1.1 mm od needle-type sensors for H2O2. To obtain selectivity in blood, an underlying polyethersulphone membrane was used which excluded electrochemical interferents from the working (Pt) electrode.(More)