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A case of canine maxillary gingival acanthomatous epulis
Acanthomatous epulis is a malignant form of gingival tumor. This is a case of epulis affecting a four-year old, intact, female Maltese dog raised as indoor pet in Iksan city. Clinical examinationExpand
Progressively gangrenous limbs in Korean indigenous calves
This study investigated cases of progressively necrotizing limbs in Korean indigenous calves. The recent case (Case 1) involved a 3-month old, male calf in Jeonbuk province that presented a visiblyExpand
Oculocutaneous albinism in a calf in Korea
Albinism, characterized by absence or lack of pigmentation from the hair, skin, hooves, nasal region and the eyes is rarely seen in cattle in Korea. A 15-day old calf, approximately weighing 28 kgExpand