Camelia Kirollos

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Work on the causation of idiopathic parkinsonism is limited by relying on gross clinical definition and lack of studies in the old. A prognostic index for parkinsonism, based on hypo/bradykinesia of gait, had considerably higher values in spouses of 20 aged suffers, who had been cohabiting for about half a century, than in 40 controls. Postural abnormality,(More)
1. Quantification of the effect on rigidity of its 'activation', by isometric grip, of standardized pressure, of the contralateral hand, was explored. Torque required to move the forearm through a fixed angle of 40 degrees, at a controlled rate of 0.5 Hz, in a horizontal plane about a pivotal axis aligned to the elbow joint, was recorded before (12(More)
Rationale: Poor specificity of face-value endpoints and the poor sensitivity of gross clinical examination may have militated against demonstrating prophylaxis by selegiline. Methods: Objective measures of the four cardinal signs were used as primary outcome criteria in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study of selegiline(More)
The association of albuminuria and left ventricular (LV) hypertrophy (LVH) in diabetics aggravates the prognosis. The authors studied the relation between LVH and the degree of albuminuria in diabetics and investigated the relationship of albuminuria to LV filling. A comparison was made between 30 hypertensive diabetics, 10 of whom had microalbuminuria(More)
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