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The detection of evolving communities in dynamic complex networks is a challenging problem that recently received attention from the research community. Dynamics clearly add another complexity dimension to the difficult task of community detection. Methods should be able to detect changes in the network structure and produce a set of community structures(More)
A well known N P-hard problem called the Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem (GTSP) is considered. In GTSP the nodes of a complete undirected graph are partitioned into clusters. The objective is to find a minimum cost tour passing through exactly one node from each cluster. An exact exponential time algorithm and an effective meta-heuristic algorithm(More)
When a sample belongs to more than one label from a set of available classes, the classification problem (known as multi-label classification) turns to be more complicated. Text data, widely available nowadays in the world wide web, is an obvious instance example of such a task. This paper presents a new method for multi-label text categoriza-tion created(More)
A novel approach to multimodal optimization called Roaming Agent-Based Collaborative Evolutionary Model (RACE) combining several evolutionary techniques with agent-based modeling is proposed. RACE model aims to detect multiple global and local optima by training a multi-agent system to employ various evolutionary techniques suitable for a specified(More)