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The paper presents a new, experimental, wireless tremor telemonitoring system composed of an optional variable number of portable devices integrating three-axis acceleration mini-sensors which are connected to very small dimensions acquisition systems with Wi-Fi transmission capabilities. The main advantages of the design system consist of the possibilities(More)
The paper presents a hierarchical routing strategy for an Urban Driving Advisory System (UDAS), based on agent technology. UDAS assists the drivers to get the desired destination taking into account the current situation of traffic characteristics. It gives the estimated arrival time and the corresponding distance between a start and an arrival point. The(More)
A new experimental system, capable to use the combined facilities offered by mobile communications, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to assist the professional formation and specialization of medical staff and to offer up to date information for differential diagnosis, is proposed. To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach, a(More)
Some online health information and services have the potential to mislead, confuse or create unnecessary anxiety and more should be done to help people find trustworthy health websites and use online health services safely and effectively, says a new report on the ethics of 'personalised healthcare' (Nuffield Council on Bioethics, 2010). In September 2008,(More)
The paper proposes a vehicle flux estimator, based on Received Signal Strength Indicator measurements in order to prevent the road traffic congestions. Successive RSSI intensity determinations and the corresponding time values were used to estimate the vehicle flux in various conditions. A hierarchical network model, including a simulation module and(More)
The present paper proposes a Fluid Stochastic Petri Nets based model, with a flexible and modular structure, to represent the behavioural characteristics and possible interactions among the controlled Micro Hydro Power units in a run of the river chain. Environmental influences were embedded, the final goal of the proposed modelling method being to simulate(More)
The problem of control and management of railway transportation is a complex task with major outcomes in a modern society. Trains are suitable for transporting peoples and goods with a good trade-off between cost and rapidity. A railway system consists of a network of tracks, list of stations, safety devices (signals, sensors, etc) and a set of trains.(More)
The paper presents a new scheduling method of medical appointments for chronic patients. Taking into account the current situation, in which, especially due to the growing number of chronic patients, both hospitals and primary care units have to cope with a permanently increasing number of appointments, one of the main goals of the proposed method is to(More)
A flexible support system to offer warnings, therapies and recommendations for remote patient surveillance is presented. This system aims to improve the home healthcare assistance of patients with acute, light and medium-severe forms of diseases, which were previously diagnosed by family doctors (general practitioners) and specialists. It is used to early(More)