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The Fate of 7Be in the Sun
The electron- and proton-capture rates of 7 Be important to the solar neutrino «problem» are re-examinated. Although the assumptions implied by the traditional Debye approximation for plasmaExpand
Improving MPI Reduction Performance for Manycore Architectures with OpenMP and Data Compression
This work proposes, implement, and evaluates two approaches (threading and exploitation of sparsity) to accelerate MPI reductions on large vectors when running on manycore-based supercomputers and shows that the new techniques improve the MPI_Reduce performance up to $\mathbf{4}\times$ and improve BIGSTICK application performance by up to $2.6}\times. Expand
Factorization in large-scale many-body calculations
A novel, generalized factorization method is introduced, essentially a ‘double-factorization’ which speeds up basis generation and set-up of required arrays, and the savings in memory due to factorization are discussed. Expand
Computational nuclear quantum many-body problem: The UNEDF project
A wide range of UNEDF science results are showcased to illustrate that close associations among nuclear physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists can lead to novel physics outcomes built on algorithmic innovations and computational developments. Expand
Parallel implementation and performance optimization of the configuration-interaction method
An efficient, scalable implementation, BIGSTICK, which, by factorizing both the basis and the interaction into two levels, can reconstruct the nonzero matrix elements on the fly, reduce the memory requirements by one or two orders of magnitude, and enable researchers to trade reduced resources for increased computational time. Expand
White paper: from bound states to the continuum
This white paper reports on the discussions of the 2018 Facility for Rare Isotope Beams Theory Alliance (FRIB-TA) topical program "From bound states to the continuum: Connecting bound stateExpand
Simple models for shell-model configuration densities
We consider the secular behavior of shell-model configuration (partial) densities. When configuration densities are characterized by their moments, one often finds large third moments (asymmetries),Expand
BIGSTICK: A flexible configuration-interaction shell-model code
We present BIGSTICK, a flexible configuration-interaction open-source shell-model code for the many-fermion problem. Written mostly in Fortran 90 with some later extensions, BIGSTICK utilizes aExpand
Entanglement and collective flavor oscillations in a dense neutrino gas
We investigate the importance of going beyond the mean-field approximation in the dynamics of collective neutrino oscillations. To expand our understanding of the coherent neutrino oscillationExpand
Benchmark calculation of inclusive electromagnetic responses in the four-body nuclear system
Both the no-core shell model and the effective interaction hyperspherical harmonic approaches are applied to the calculation of different response functions to external electromagnetic probes, usingExpand