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In order to determine the effect of catheter materials on formation of encrustations in long-term indwelling urinary catheters in the elderly we performed a crossover study utilizing commercially available silicone, silicone-coated, teflon-coated and latex catheters that were left in place for 14 days. The study was conducted with #18 french catheters(More)
OBJECTIVES Fluoroquinolones are being used more frequently for the treatment of multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTB). This study was designed to determine the frequency of the emergence of fluoroquinolone-resistant strains in Taiwan and to assess whether this might be due to use of fluoroquinolones for treatment of(More)
The introduction of penicillin 50 years ago was followed by an extraordinary period of discovery, exuberant use, and predictable obsolescence. Resistant bacterial strains have emerged and have spread throughout the world because of the remarkable genetic plasticity of the microorganisms, heavy selective pressures of use, and the mobility of the world(More)
PURPOSE To describe two outbreaks of Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection that occurred in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, during 1998 and 1999, and to characterize the source of the outbreaks and the clinical manifestations of the disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort study among Thai laborers with eosinophilic meningitis who ate raw(More)
Growth of Escherichia coli was inhibited in a defined minimal medium by high concentrations of electrolytes and sugars in direct relation to their osmotic strength. Choline, betaine, proline, and human urine increased resistance to these substances. In contrast, the toxic effect of urea was not altered directly by betaine or urine, but was reduced in the(More)
The purchase of antimicrobial agents in drugstores in a district in Manila. The Philippines was examined in order to determine how these agents might be used. Most antimicrobial agents are imported as bulk products and repackaged by a large number of small firms into 1491 different preparations including 206 marketed as combinations with other drugs.(More)
In order to define the natural history of indwelling urinary catheters in the elderly, 50 patients aged 65 years or older were followed. Their catheters had been in place for a mean of 33.2 days. When removed, 40.4 percent were blocked or showed poor flow. After the catheters were changed, the 14-day "catheter life" was 78 percent. About half the population(More)
This document provides new general guidelines for the design and execution of studies evaluating anti-infective drugs for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases. The first step in evaluation is the determination of in vitro microbial susceptibility. Next, studies are conducted in animals. Several animal models provide information useful in the(More)