Calvin D Lyons

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The fate of aniline, a representative of arylamine pollutants derived from the manufacture of dyes, coal liquefaction, and pesticide degradation, was comprehensively evaluated by use of unpolluted and polluted pond water as model environments. Evaporation plus autoxidation proved to be minor elimination mechanisms, removing ca. 1% of the added aniline per(More)
Glycoprotein hormone alpha subunit, in its free form (free alpha), is a major placental product. Its glycosylation was found to change dramatically during the advancement of pregnancy. In this study, we have analyzed these glycosylation changes in five normal pregnancies. Binding to Lens culinaris lectin increased dramatically in all subjects between weeks(More)
Leakage from esophageal and gastric perforation carries a high morbidity rate and requires surgical or endoscopic intervention. When stenting is utilized, migration of the stent is a common complication. A novel technique to prevent migration of the stent is described. Fourteen patients presenting with leakage from the foregut underwent stent fixation with(More)
During the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle, endometrial stromal cells differentiate into decidual cells, which play a crucial role in implantation and maintenance of pregnancy. In this and our previous study, we demonstrate that glycoprotein hormone free alpha-subunit potentiates progesterone-mediated decidualization of human endometrial stromal(More)
Both HCV and HIV are common in haemophiliacs previously treated with non-viral-inactivated clotting factor concentrates. Because of increased bleeding risks, little data are available on the safety of percutaneous outpatient liver biopsy (LBx) and impact of HIV coinfection in this population. This study aims at reporting our experience with percutaneous LBx(More)
The guinea pig adrenal cortex is grossly composed of two regions: an outer, yellow zone and an inner, brown zone. These zones, which represent 33% and 66% of the total adrenocortical volume, respectively, can be separated by blunt dissection. It has been previously reported that specific pregnenolone and pregnenolone sulfate binding proteins are present in(More)
This study was designed to measure certain cardiovascular effects of 2 or 11 micrograms nifedipine/kg body weight given intravenously to dogs anesthetized with fentanyl-droperidol-pentobarbital. Parameters measured were: cardiac output, stroke volume, stroke work, systemic arterial pressure and vascular resistance, splenic weight (a measure of venous(More)