Calvin A. Austin

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Quantitative interactions of the alkali metal cations with the cyclic 15-crown-5 polyether ligand (15C5) are studied. In this work, Rb(+)(15C5) and Cs(+)(15C5) complexes are formed using electrospray ionization and studied using threshold collision-induced dissociation with xenon in a guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometer. The energy-dependent cross(More)
Threshold collision-induced dissociation (CID) of alkali metal cation-hexacyclen (ha18C6) complexes, M(+)(ha18C6), with xenon is studied using guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometry techniques. The alkali metal cations examined here include: Na(+), K(+), Rb(+), and Cs(+). In all cases, M(+) is the only product observed, corresponding to endothermic loss(More)
<lb>NONOCOVALENT INETEACTIONS BETWEEN ALAKI METAL<lb>CATIONS AND AZA/THIA-CROWN ETHERS: MASS<lb>SPECTROMETRIC DISSOCAITAION TECNIQUES AND<lb>THEORETICAL STUDEIES<lb>by<lb>CALVIN A. AUSTIN<lb>August 2015<lb>Advisor: Dr. Matthew J. Allen<lb>Major: Chemistry (Analytical)<lb>Degree: Doctor of Philosophy<lb>Macrocyclic complexes have been useful in understanding(More)
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