Calum Ross

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Cats that received either marginal or marginal plus extramarginal lesions as 3-day-old kittens were assessed on a series of tests of visually guided behavior. These cats were not conspicuously different from normal controls in avoiding obstacles or in activity level. Yet these same operated cats were severely impaired in performance on the visual cliff and(More)
BACKGROUND Sevelamer carbonate is an improved, buffered form of sevelamer hydrochloride developed for the treatment of hyperphosphataemia in CKD patients. Sevelamer carbonate formulated as a powder for oral suspension presents a novel, patient-friendly alternative to tablet phosphate binders. This study compared the safety and efficacy of sevelamer(More)
Synopsis Six presymptomatic subjects with Huntington's disease and six normal controls were examined with diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging. The fractional anisotropy (FA) images were normalized using a nonlinear elastic registration method. The group difference of FA was compared using a voxel-wise nonparametric statistics and a regions of(More)
Alcohol and caffeine are widely consumed. Their combined effects on the early morphogenesis of the craniofacial region and limbs were investigated in the rat. The most common developmental defects included reduction in the number of branchial bars and somites, as well as an impairment in the formation of the forelimb bud.
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