Calum A. R. Davis

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Metal hyperaccumulation, in which plants store exceptional concentrations of metals in their shoots, is an unusual trait whose evolutionary and ecological significance has prompted extensive debate. Hyperaccumulator plants are usually found on metalliferous soils, and it has been proposed that hyperaccumulation provides a defense against herbivores and(More)
The effects on the ganglionic transmission of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and related drugs were studied in the rat isolated superior cervical ganglion. The extracellularly recorded postganglionic compound action potential was used as an index for ganglionic transmission. GABA reversibly inhibited the ganglionic transmission by blocking the action(More)
Domoic acid (DA), a potent neurotoxin produced by select species of algae and diatoms, kills neurons bearing kainic acid-type glutamate receptors. Studies have shown that DA bioaccumulates in invertebrates and fish that consume the diatoms. In every vertebrate species tested or observed in the wild, dietary or systemic DA causes neuronal damage or clinical(More)
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