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A noninvasive method for monitoring communications on DNA was developed from the specificity of resolvase for the arrangement of its recombinational sites. Constraints in DNA structure, caused by interactions between distant sites, can be detected by resolvase as they arise. The method was used to follow the formation and decay of synaptic intermediates(More)
Communications between distant sites on DNA often depend on the way in which the sites are connected. For example, site-specific recombination catalysed by Tn3 resolvase is most efficient when the 114-base-pair res recombination sites are directly repeated in the same DNA molecule. In vitro a supercoiled plasmid substrate containing two directly repeated(More)
This paper investigates user preferences for mid-air gestures to interact with large public information displays. We designed and implemented a public display application that allows people to navigate between Twitter feeds and to find details about particular tweets. The application supports selection and navigation through (1) point-and-dwell and (2) push(More)
Due to their situated nature, digital public displays have the potential to provide information and messages to large groups of people. However, in practice, non-customised content typically is not relevant to every passerby, while personalising information tailored to individuals is associated with privacy concerns. Previous research has identified mobile(More)
With the availability of displays in public space increasing, they have been proposed and studied as platform for civic engagement. Due to their situated nature, public displays have the potential to enable a larger cross-section of the public to participate in community consultation processes, compared to focus groups or online surveys. Previous research(More)
According to Google Trends, mobile augmented reality (AR) apps will, after a brief hype-associated peak and decline, show again a more steady growth in the near future. Indeed, a review of currently available mobile AR apps suggests that they are embracing practical uses instead of simply showing off the capabilities of AR. Many of these apps are making(More)
Currently, first-year chemistry students learn about three-dimensional molecular structures using a combination of lectures, tutorials, and practical hands-on experience with molecular chemistry kits. We have developed a basic 3D molecule construction simulation, calledMolyPoly. The system was designed to augment the teaching of organic chemistry by helping(More)
Exercise is essential for health and well-being. However, it can be difficult for people to meet the recommended amount of daily exercise simply due to the lack of motivation. It has recently become apparent that virtual reality games, even though they were not explicitly designed for exercise, have the potential to provide enough exercise to achieve(More)
Public interactive displays (PIDs) are becoming more pervasive in urban environments as a means to engage passers-by and to provide interactive features such as wayfinding. However, one of the problems with current PIDs is that they are typically designed around an average specification, potentially excluding a large range of users that for instance might(More)