Callum Cameron

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Multiple virtual machine (VM) workloads are increasingly common, given the growth of managed enterprise application systems and consolidated virtual servers. Until now, there has been no principled approach to partitioning memory resource between multiple co-located VMs. In this paper, we develop a general framework for multi-VM heap sizing, based on the(More)
We introduce the FORSETI system, which is a principled approach for holistic memory management. It permits a sysadmin to specify the total physical memory resource that may be shared between all concurrent virtual machines on a physical node. FORSETI models the heap size versus application throughput for each virtual machine, and seeks to maximize the(More)
Feature-creep is a well-known phenomenon in software systems. In this paper, we argue that feature-creep also occurs in the domain of programming languages. Recent languages are more expressive than earlier languages. However recent languages generally extend rather than replace the syntax (sometimes) and semantics (almost always) of earlier languages. We(More)
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