Calla M Schmidt

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Natural groundwater recharge is inherently difficult to quantify and predict, largely because it comprises a series of processes that are spatially distributed and temporally variable. Infiltration ponds used for managed aquifer recharge (MAR) provide an opportunity to quantify recharge processes across multiple scales under semi-controlled conditions. We(More)
Artificial recharge of groundwater is an increasingly important method for augmenting groundwater supply and can have a positive or negative influence on the quality of water resources. We instrumented a managed aquifer recharge (MAR) pond in central coastal California to assess how patterns of infiltration and recharge affect the load of nitrate delivered(More)
We quantify relations between rates of in situ denitrification and saturated infiltration through shallow, sandy soils during managed groundwater recharge. We used thermal methods to determine time series of point-specific flow rates, and chemical and isotopic methods to assess denitrification progress. Zero order denitrification rates between 3 and 300(More)
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