Calin Sandru

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In the growing market of cloud computing dominated by proprietary solutions, the adoption of open-source and deployable middleware that hides the service heterogeneity and ensure code portability can provide important benefits for the fast development of new services. Therefore, this paper exposes the mechanisms for orchestrating cloud-enabled hardware and(More)
Knowledge discovery from databases (KDD) is a complex process composed of several phases: business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation and deployment. For each of the phases, there are many algorithms and methods available, the end-user having to select one of them. The AgentDiscover is a multi-agent based intelligent(More)
Usage scenarios involving services from multiple Clouds, like in Federations or Markets of Clouds, are imposing the development of complex middleware to hide the heterogeneity at the underlying Cloud technologies and services in order to attract Cloud application developers. This paper points towards the specific modules of a recent open-source and(More)
Cloud service abstractions are currently used to hide the underlying complexity given by existing technologies and services, in hope of facilitating the enacting of Cloud Federations and Marketplaces. In particular, resource management systems dealing with multiple Cloud providers need to expose an uniform interface for various services and to build(More)