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Modern software engineering has come to a point where it deals with quite large and complex software artifacts. Labor-intensive activities such as code analysis and code transformation are becoming less and less tractable on such enormous software systems unless a certain level of automatization is provided. Since automatic approaches of code analysis and(More)
In today's software engineering, more and more emphasis is put on the quality of object-oriented software design. It is commonly accepted that building a software system with maintainability and reusability issues in mind is far more important than just getting all the requirements fulfilled in one way or another. Design patterns are powerful means to(More)
Due to the exponential growth of the mobile communication systems in the past decade, more efforts have been invested in performance increase solutions which should satisfy the increasing demand for resource hungry applications. Since the computational power provided by single processing units seems to grow slower compared to the application needs, it is(More)
Logic representation of programs gives an expressive way to perform analysis and transformation. Logic representation conforming to a specified metamodel enables analysis and transformation at both meta and concrete representation levels. Logic representation mapping rules express how programs can be automatically translated into metamodel conforming logic(More)
Programs expressed using logic representations can be more easily analysed and transformed. Transformations will depend on the target language semantics. A field encapsulation refactorization will be different for a Java program and an Eiffel program. Logic based representations of programs and its metamodel allows writing generic rules capable of(More)
Logic based representation can be used for expressing programs and models driven by a grammar. Thus, model analysis and transformation written as declarative paradigm rules can be more expressive. Usually, logic representations are obtained by translators which must be tested as any other software artifacts. We present several testing techniques in the(More)
Both code analysis and code transformation are processes that rely on software models instead of actual software systems. In the context of software modeling, we have done so far some efforts to attach logic representation to programs written in any language by using an automatic and grammar-driven approach. However, XML proved to be a difficult candidate(More)
In the world of software systems, the process of evolving is an essential one. If this process represents no challenge on small systems, it becomes unbearable if the size of the system exceeds a certain limit. Therefore, the need arises for software tools that can carry out the necessary transformations automatically. This paper addresses the possibility to(More)
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