Caley K. Gasch

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Soil microbial communities may be able to rapidly respond to changing environments in ways that change community structure and functioning, which could affect climate-carbon feedbacks. However, detecting microbial feedbacks to elevated CO(2) (eCO(2) ) or warming is hampered by concurrent changes in substrate availability and plant responses. Whether(More)
Exotic annual brome invasion has been well studied in western North American rangelands, particularly for Bromus tectorum L. invasion in sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) grasslands. We examined both aboveground and belowground properties in native sagebrush grassland and adjacent areas dominated by exotic annual bromes (B. tectorum L. and Bromus japonicus(More)
Effective variable-rate nitrogen (N) management requires an understanding of temporal variability and field-scale spatial interactions (e.g. lateral redistribution of nutrients). Modeling studies, in conjunction with field data, can improve process understanding of agricultural management. CropSyst-Microbasin (CS-MB) is a fully distributed, 3-dimensional(More)
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