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UNLABELLED Carcinoma of the pancreas is characterized by the high frequency of intrapancreatic (from 75 to 100%) and extrapancreatic neural invasion (from 64 to 69%). Even small-sized tumors (T(1)) show plexus invasion. Carcinoma of the pancreas is also associated with a high incidence (76%) of lymph node metastasis. The knowledge of local and regional(More)
Hypereosinophilic syndrome is a rare systemic disease that frequently has cutaneous lesions. Past reviews of the histopathology of the skin lesions have revealed a nonspecific dermal infiltrate with occasional eosinophils as a constant finding. A case of hypereosinophilic syndrome with cutaneous manifestations, in which the skin biopsy demonstrated multiple(More)
Understanding interests expressed through user’s search query is a task of critical importance for many internet applications. To help identify user interests, web engines commonly utilize classification of queries into one or more predefined interest categories. However, majority of the queries are noisy short texts, making accurate classification a(More)
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