Caleb J Roberts

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2509 pregnant women were investigated between April 1, 1977, and March 31, 1980 (study 1), and April 1, 1980, and March 31, 1983 (study 2), to assess the effectiveness of diagnostic ultrasound in the diagnosis of neural tube defect (NTD) in women judged to be at high risk of NTD on the basis of raised serum alpha-fetoprotein or family history, or of other(More)
Data are presented from the South Wales Congenital Malformation Survey (92,982 births 1964-6 inclusive) showing that within areas in South Wales there exists an inverse relation between previous spontaneous abortion rate and the prevalence at birth of neural tube defect (anencephaly or spina bifida cystica or both). This relation is independent of social(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess by survey the immunization role currently played obstetrician-gynecologists in the state of Michigan. METHODS Masked questionnaires requesting demographic, knowledge-based, practice, and attitudinal data were sent to 850 ACOG-registered fellows. RESULTS Three hundred sixty-five physicians responded, 313 of whom were in active(More)
Guidelines for the initial management of head injuries were formulated by neurosurgeons and a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and administrators attending a seminar convened by the UK Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS). Analysis of data collected previously by the Royal College of Radiologists in nine accident and emergency units in the(More)
Serum-alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels were measured in more than 15 000 pregnant women in an investigation designed to examine the operational issues entailed in a large-scale population screening programme for antenatal detection of neural-tube defects. The proportion of open neural-tube defects (ONTD) terminated as a result of serum screening was 56.1%(More)
A descriptive epidemiological study of simple hypospadias-that is, hypospadias without coexisting malformation outside the genital system-in a birth population of 46,927 singleton males and 1,013 twin males showed that the condition was significantly more common (P < 0.001) in uniovular twin males than in either singleton or binovular twin males. Also the(More)
The efficiency of the selection of patients with injured arms and legs for radiography was investigated. The analysis was based on data on presenting signs and symptoms collected in a multicentre study organised by the Royal College of Radiologists working party on the effective use of diagnostic radiology. The work was carried out in eight accident and(More)
This study is based on a sample of 35,486 consecutive confinements in Cardiff (1965-72) which gave rise to 67 cases of post partum mental illness. No difference was found between these cases and all resident Cardiff maternities for the same period in respect of social class, maternal parity, weight gain in pregnancy, length of gestation, birth weight, and(More)