Caleb Allen

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The increasingly prominent role of the family physician in delivering mental health care can be enhanced if productive and collaborative relationships can be established with local mental health services. This paper describes a Canadian program that has achieved this by bringing mental health counselors and psychiatrists into the offices of 87 family(More)
OBJECTIVE One way of strengthening ties between primary care providers and psychiatrists is for a psychiatrist to visit a primary care practice on a regular basis to see and discuss patients and to provide educational input and advice for family physicians. This paper reviews the experiences of a program in Hamilton, Ontario that brings psychiatrists and(More)
Traveling can be a daunting task when it requires interaction with other cultures. Knowing how to communicate verbally is just the beginning; one also needs to be aware of and understand acceptable procedures for nonverbal communication, forms of written communication, and other cultural value orientations. In this paper we will discuss and compare common(More)
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