Caleb Allen

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Web-based instruction requires transformation from traditional teaching strategies to directed independent learning. Careful attention must be given to the creation of effective interactive learning experiences that foster student-to-student and student-to-faculty interactions (l). How content is learned, the effects of the use of computers on learning, and(More)
  • C Allen
  • 2001
Appointing a full-time staff support co-ordinator in a community trust has reduced absence and been welcomed by staff. The pilot, which has been operating for two years, offers staff confidential interviews. Most of those using the service do not need more than two sessions. The co-ordinator has also acted as mediator where there is conflict between staff.
Government policy requiring community mental health nurses to target services to patients with severe mental health problems demands considerable change. The proposed ways of working have implications for other parts of the mental health services and those referring patients to them. A service review should involve and inform all those affected.